Metals have played a very important role in human life. After a long period of research we know that in modern periodic table there are 118 known elements in which 90 of them are metals. Metals are of malleable nature and because of that only property this metal can be changes in to any shape or size.

Metals are also used in making the idols and images. To make images on metals, wax casting method is used which is totally famous in eastern part of India. This is also known as Dhokra style. About 600 artisans are involved in this art and skill. To make metal images, alloy metal of the brass, nickel, copper are used.

making process of metal images -

  • mixing the rice husk, water and clay with each other and place them in sunlight for drying.

  • A file tool is used to shape the metal image and a green paste is used to make prevent images from mixing to metal.

  • passing the wax from long sieves to make long layer of wax and they are contoured to wrap into a fix image.

  • river clay and charcoal is mixed with wax and many spaces are left to apply the multiple metals in multiple places.

  • wax is melt in to the furnace and the metal is poured in to that furnace so that metal can take place on wax.

  • Then the metal frame is used to dry in sunlight again and it takes 2 to  6 hours to be dried off.

  • In the finishing stage, the last finishing touch is given to the metal image.

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